Healthy Life Options

The City of Logan offers many Healthy Life Options programs and classes at our Leisure Centres that are suitable for a wide range of ages, fitness levels, abilities and needs.

Read about our different programs to learn how we can help you stay fit, rehabilitate or simply to get active in a relaxed and fun social environment. To see what classes are included and to view timetables, simply call one of our gyms, ask us at reception, or view the information available in our Gym Bag or enquire online.

Image of group exercise

One of the best ways to start exercising is in a group and at a low cost and that’s exactly what Live Well Logan classes provide to the City of Logan.

The staff at our Leisure Centre gyms are excited to continue to deliver Live Well Logan classes as part of our normal group fitness timetable. In fact, our gyms are the number one provider of Live Well Logan classes, offering over a dozen classes every week for just $4 (or free to gym members).

We’re always keen to maximise the number of Logan residents that can access fitness classes for a low rate, so our classes include gentle exercise options right up to bootcamp and boxing.

Program benefits

There are many benefits of taking part in our Live Well Logan Program classes.

  • Exercise with people with similar experiences.
  • Maintain or improve your fitness.
  • Make daily life activities a bit easier — because quality of life is important to everyone.
  • It is safe and fun.
  • Our instructors understand your specific needs and know how to address them.
  • Classes can help lower blood pressure, weight, and risks of falling and improve cholesterol control, well being, sleep, balance and flexibility.

For more information on the Live Well Logan Program or to obtain a registration form, please visit the Logan City Council website.

Image of Live Well Logan class

All of the Live Well Logan classes are $4 or free for gym members. Payment for classes can be made at the time of attending the class directly to the instructor. Attendees will be required to complete a registration form to attend.

Health and safety

Please make sure you consult your physician to discuss any modifications or any limitation you may have, before you begin any exercise program. It is also important to advise instructors of any current or recent injuries which may affect your ability to complete some of the activities.

Classes can be modified by the Fitness Leader to provide less strenuous options, however participants should have proper medical clearance before starting any of these classes. It is a requirement to complete pulmonary and/or heart failure rehabilitation prior to commencing Lungs in Action.