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Individual Services

Exercise can be used as medicine to help to prevent and manage a wide range of chronic conditions. If you’re living with a chronic condition, injury or illness, an Accredited Exercise Physiologist can help you get moving again. They understand the challenges and will work with you (and your doctor) to prescribe safe and effective exercise interventions.

We offer a range of allied health programs and classes that will enable you to lead a healthier life.

Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA)

The InSports Logan Metro Gym provides evidence-based exercise for Logan veterans. We offer both individual and group DVA program sessions. Man laying on his back holding gym weights above his body, a woman stands nearby

Sessions include specialised exercises for people with a range of health issues.

  • diabetes
  • cardiovascular disease
  • obesity
  • cancer
  • depression
  • respiratory disease
  • asthma
  • osteoporosis
  • musculoskeletal injuries.

We also provide education on health and physical activity. We offer advice on lifestyle modifications with a strong focus on behavioural change.
Our fun innovative classes assist participants to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

Work Cover

Exercise Physiologists play an important role in helping workers stay at work or return to work after an injury. man works out as gym instructor looks on

They can help in the following ways.

  • Treat and manage the injury/illness
  • Assist with rehabilitation strategies at home and at work
  • Support people to remain at work or return to work in a timely manner
  • Provide clear communication with treating medical doctors/specialists, the employer and all relevant parties involved in the claim
  • Provide information to minimise risk in the future.

Exercise Physiologists can provide rehabilitation on a range of work-related injuries. Their specialised treatment can bridge the gap between the acute stages of injury and a safe and sustainable return to work.


Movemore is a gentle, low-to-moderate physical activity program. It has been designed to support people with stable, long-term health conditions or those who haven’t exercised in a while.

Movemore group exercise sessions are run by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. The exercises help prevent and manage chronic disease and injuries.
Many conditions are supported through the program. These include, but are not limited to, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer and obesity.
The program is also ideal for falls prevention and anyone wishing to exercise in a safe and social environment

Each session involves

  • aerobic and strength training
  • coordination and flexibility exercises and balance training

When & Where

Logan Metro – Friday, 10:45am
Logan North – Tuesday, 11:30am & Wednesday, 10:30am


Free for gym members and $4.00 for non-gym members.

What to bring

Participants should wear comfortable clothing and closed in shoes/joggers. They should also bring a water bottle and any relevant medication.
Session duration is 60 minutes.

Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDMP)

Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Older woman doing stretches while gym instructor supports her

A Chronic Disease Management Plan is a Medicare Rebated Allied Health Session with an exercise physiologist for exercise prescription to treat chronic health conditions. Medicare will cover the full cost of our exercise physiology services when referred under a CDMP by a GP.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides support to people with disabilities, their families and carers. It is jointly governed and funded by the Australian Government and participating states and territory governments. It is an insurance-based scheme that invests in participants to improve long-term outcomes. Funding is determined by consideration of a person’s individual needs, goals and aspirations.

Who is eligible?

You are eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) if you: are under 65 years of age, are an Australian citizen or resident or permanent visa holder, and meet the disability or early intervention requirements.

Live Well Logan classes

One of the best ways to start exercising is in a low-cost, group class. That’s exactly what Live Well Logan classes provide to the people of Logan.

The staff at Logan Leisure Centre gyms are excited to continue to deliver Live Well Logan classes as part of our normal group fitness timetable. In fact, our gyms are the number one provider of Live Well Logan classes, offering over a dozen classes every week for just $4 (or free to gym members).

We’re always keen to maximise the number of Logan residents that can access fitness classes for a low rate. Our classes include a range of exercise options from low-impact gentle exercise to bootcamp and boxing.

Program benefits

There are many benefits to joining our Live Well Logan classes.

  • Exercise with people with similar experiences
  • Maintain or improve your fitness
  • Make daily life activities a bit easier — because quality of life is important to everyone
  • It is safe and fun
  • Our instructors understand your specific needs and know how to address them
  • Classes can help lower blood pressure, weight, and risks of falling and improve cholesterol control, well being, sleep, balance and flexibility.

For more information on the Live Well Logan Program or to obtain a registration form, please visit the Logan City Council website.


Our telehealth program provides consultations with our allied health professionals delivered in your home via phone, tablet, computer, text message or email. If this option sounds right for you, contact us to book an appointment.

Pre-employment functional assessment (PEFA)

A pre-employment functional assessment (PEFA) is an evaluation of an individual’s physical capacity to safely perform the critical demands of their employment role. The role may be proposed or existing. gym and instructor chat and laugh in front of gym equipment

Hiring the right candidate for the job

PEFA assists employers in identifying if a potential or existing employee has the capacity to perform the functional demands of a role.

Meeting OHS legislative requirements

PEFA focuses on assessing an individual’s specific ability to safely perform the requirements of a role. It is more targeted than a ‘general’ screen of movement and subjective factors.

Help identify risk

PEFA will improve an employer’s ability to identify functional deficits that can be appropriately managed through risk management practices.

Wellness programs

Information coming soon.