Logan City Council Leisure Centres

Swim Health and Safety

For the safety of all our patrons, we have several pool rules and key safety messages. Please look out for the signs and be sure to follow the instructions provided.

Each year, many families are struck by a tragic drowning or near-drowning in swimming pools. At our aquatic centres, it is our utmost priority to keep our public safe when swimming in our pools or at home, therefore we continually reinforce our key safety messages through signage, swimming programs and all customer communications.

Logan City Council adopts the Royal Life Saving Societies ‘Keep Watch at Public Pools’ policy, which promotes that:

  • Children 5 years and under and non-swimmers to be kept within arm’s reach of a parent/guardian 18+.
  • Children between 6–10 years, weak or non-swimmers require constant active supervision and carers need to be prepared to enter the pool.
  • Children 11–14 years old who are competent swimmers need to be checked on an intermittent basis.
  • Parents are responsible for watching their children at home, therefore they are required to watch their children at a public pool. All four elements of active supervision should be adopted by parents for their children — be prepared, be close, and focus all of your attention and all of your time.

For more information and resources for your family to stay safe around water at our pools and home, visit the Kids Alive Do the Five or Royal Life Saving websites.

Parental Supervision

Children must be supervised at all times. Lifeguards are an important safety feature at our pools, but cannot, and do not replace the close supervision of parents or guardians.

Pool Rules

For the safety and convenience of all guests:

  • No running around any pool
  • No diving or bombing
  • No pushing in or somersaults
  • No coarse or offensive language
  • No alcohol
  • No glass of any description

Our lifeguards have several responsibilities to fulfil during their shifts to keep our pool environment safe, clean and enjoyable for all patrons. Please be sure to help them help you by abiding by our safety rules.

Swim Safety Links

Health and Hygiene

The home pool is a place of family fun and enjoyment, especially in our hot summer months. Swim safety at home doesn’t just end with bringing your woman and child swimming in poolchildren to learn to swim classes. Owning a swimming pool is a big responsibility. Pool owners must ensure that their pool is fenced and complies with local government legislation, and also have a good understanding of proper safety precautions and actions for anyone using their pool.

Our aquatic centres are strong supporters of the Kids Alive Do the Five safety program and message through our Aqualogan Laurie Lawrence Swim School. This nationally recognised program educates the public on the important steps to reduce the risk of preschool drowning. Read more about our free Kids Alive Do the Five programs offered at Logan North Aquatic Centre and Beenleigh Aquatic Centre.

Home pools and spas are obvious drowning hazards. But there are many other items and areas which present a drowning threat to young children around the home. Buckets, bathtubs, eskies (coolers), fountains, fishponds, drains, inflatable pools, and even pet bowls all pose a significant drowning risk, especially to younger children. It is crucial that these are emptied, covered, put away and not left where they can fill up with water.*

If your child does not attend swimming classes, please visit our swimming programs page to enrol them now. Learning to swim is a skill for life.

*Information courtesy of Royal Life Saving.