Access & Inclusion

Logan City Council is responsible for many community spaces and places that are used for recreation, sports, leisure, celebrations and other community activity. It is our aim that universal access and equity is prioritised in Council buildings, facilities and open spaces to support access and inclusion for everyone in the community.

Here at our Logan Leisure Centres, we endeavor to make our spaces as accessible, inclusive, comfortable and enjoyable as possible for visitors of all different levels of abilities, and to offer different programs which people with a disability are able to partake in with equity and dignity.

For more information, check out Logan City Council’s Access and Inclusion Plan.

Image of wheelchair ramp

All of our Leisure Centres have sufficient disabled parking bays or drop off zones with access for people with a disability to safely enter and exit their vehicle and gain access to the entrance to our venues.

Centres have ramp access into entry ways to assist people in a wheelchair or parents with prams. All foyers and corridors are of sufficient width to fit wheelchairs and prams through with room for turning easily.

Logan Metro Sports Centre also has lift access to allow for easy and safe access between levels and for patrons with a disability to view events in higher grandstand seating.

Accessible bathroom at Beenleigh Aquatic Centre


We have several amenities available to patrons who have a disability or limited mobility.

These include wheelchair accessible toilets/bathrooms, low hand basins and water fountains, appropriate handrails, and lockers.

We have ramp access to all of our pools at aquatic centres and have water wheelchairs and a hoist at Logan North and Beenleigh Aquatic Centres that are able to be used upon request.

Image of woman and child in swimming pool

We welcome people with a disability to use our gym facilities. Carers are required to attend each time if they are usually needed. Our Learn to Swim programs include children with a physical disability or learning difficulties. Upon assessment, children will be placed in the most suitable group class or in a one-on-one session with an instructor to help meet their needs, develop their swimming skills and confidence in the water, and to get the best out of their practice time.

inSports Health and Fitness Centres offer Adaptive Group Fitness classes. These classes are low to moderate intensity and managed by a qualified instructor. Class instructions and pace are easy to follow and is suitable for people with a disability. For more information contact your local inSports.

Beenleigh and Logan North Aquatic Centres also offer an Adaptive Aquatics program.  This new swim program is designed for people of all ages and abilities in a safe, engaging, fun and inclusive environment. Contact Beenleigh or Logan North for more information.

Image of Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dog

Logan City Council supports the Queensland Government’s Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dogs Act 2009.

Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dogs are welcome at all of our centres, aquatic centres and gyms where they are required. We ask that all dogs wear their working vest identifying their assistance roles.

If you require to bring a Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dog with you to our gyms, please speak to someone at our gym counter so that we can arrange a time with you to discuss your individual requirements.

Image of a companion card

Leisure Centres are affiliated with the Queensland Government Companion Card program and accept the use of Companion Cards for carers of people with a disability.

Companion Card holders receive a second ‘companion’ ticket at no charge when presented or mentioned during purchase of a ticket to any of our events open to the public.

Image of evacuation procedures

We have visual and audible evacuation procedures at all of our Leisure Centres.

Our guests' safety is our highest priority, therefore the correct procedures are in place to ensure the quick and safe evacuation of any patron including patrons with a disability in the case of an emergency.

If you have any concerns or questions in regards to these procedures, please do not hesitate to speak to the Manager on duty at the time of your visit.