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inSports professionals offer a range of programs to cater to your specific exercise needs. Our diverse programs range from elite athlete programming to everyday fitness and chronic health management.

Corporate health programs

Employees who participate in corporate health programs have found it not only improves their health but it also has cognitive benefits like memory and focus.  It also helps reduce the cost of absenteeism and boosts your brand which can help you attract and retain talent.

inSports Corporate health programs include –

  • Customised 6, 8 or 12-week challenges
  • Injury prevention seminars
  • Health checks including blood pressure, blood glucose, heart health and diabetes risk
  • Postural and workstation assessments
  • Work-life balance seminars

For more information, contact your local inSports Health & Fitness Centre.

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Strength and conditioning

Our exercise professionals can tailor specific strength and conditioning programs that are suitable for all members – from general fitness programs through to elite athletic development.  Strength and conditioning is more than just lifting weights.  It encompasses the holistic development of athletes with its primary objective being injury prevention and improved physical performance.

We cover:

  • Athlete screening (movement, muscle imbalances, strength deficiencies)
  • Athlete testing – VO2Max, strength, speed, power, flexibility/mobility
  • Individual programs for aspects of strength, power, speed and aerobic conditioning
  • Customised team programs for most sports
  • Periodised programs
  • Load monitoring and tracking
  • Access to experienced level 1 & 2 S&C coaches and exercise physiologists

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Athletic development

For high-performance athletes, our gym staff provide a coordinated approach to physical development.

Athletes looking to further their competitive performance will benefit from our customised athletic development programs. Our programs are designed specifically for each athlete’s sport, position, and personal goals.

Our Exercise Physiologists, along with experienced trainers, can deliver the technical support and skills for a robust, high-quality development program across all levels of athletic competition.

Our athletic development programs are made up of the following components:

  1. Movement/ postural assessments
  2. Strength and conditioning
  3. Injury prevention and rehabilitation

For more information, contact your local inSports Health & Fitness Centre.

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Personal training

inSports personal trainers can help jumpstart your gym routine by creating a more personalised plan to tackle your fitness goals.

They provide accountability, variety, and ensure you work harder than you would on your own while educating you along the journey.

Learn more about our personal trainers:

Aly Gately

Nitesh Raj Pant

For more information, contact your local inSports Health & Fitness Centre.

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