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Logan Leisure Centres Staff Discount

As a valued member of the Logan City Council team, we are excited to extend to you an exclusive Staff Discount for all Logan Leisure Centres Memberships.

Unlock your access to 3 gyms, 2 pools, and Allied Health Services for yourself and your family at a discounted price!

Platinum Membership fortnightly – $33.00 $25.00 (25.9% Off)
Green Membership fortnightly – $29.00 $21.00 (27.5% Off)
Blue Membership fortnightly –  $27.00 $20.00 (24% Off)

To find out more about the Memberships please follow the Membership Page.

What’s the process?

  1. Fill in the Payroll Form
Logan Leisure Centres Staff Discount Payroll Deduction Form

Logan Leisure Centres Staff Discount Payroll Deduction Form

Authorisation: I have read and understood the terms and conditions of membership. I hereby authorise this amount to be deducted from the next pay period, or from the pay period and to continue during my employment with Logan City Council. This authority is to remain in force until it is revoked or amended by me in writing to Logan Leisure Centres and Payroll.

The Payroll will log in the details for automatic payroll deduction.

2. Rock up to any of the 3 gyms, set up your Logan Leisure Centres Members Account at the reception, and enjoy your day at the Logan Leisure Centres!

Staff Discount Terms and Conditions

To be eligible for a payroll-deducted membership, it is essential to consent to payroll deductions by completing the form above.

Please ensure that all completed payroll deduction forms are submitted along with membership and pre-exercise screening forms at Logan Leisure Centres. This exclusive discount applies solely to current LCC employees, their immediate family members, and Elected Members. The Payroll Deduction Payment is processed in advance of membership, and membership commences immediately upon application.

The discounted fee will remain constant throughout the entire duration of the LCC employee’s membership. Please note that membership suspension is not applicable at this special rate. Cancellation requests must be submitted with a minimum of thirty (30) days written notice to Logan Leisure Centres and Payroll.

It is important to be aware that the payroll deduction option is a one-time offer for Logan City Council employees. If membership is canceled for any reason, this payroll deduction option will not be available again. The payroll deduction membership grants full access rights in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in the Logan Leisure Centres application forms.

Logan Leisure Centres Terms and Conditions

Please be advised that all Logan Leisure Centre staff members who enroll in the Staff Discount Membership program are required to adhere to Logan Leisure Centre’s Terms and Conditions.

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