Direct Debit FAQs

All transaction amounts and terms and conditions will remain the same as your current contract.

At this time, all monthly Direct Debit memberships will be transferred to a fortnightly Direct Debit.

InSports Gyms, Logan City Council Swim Memberships and Aqualogan Laurie Lawrence Swim Schools have decided to switch to a new direct debit service provider. This message is to inform you about the upcoming modifications that will affect your scheduled payments.

You are not required to do anything.

No, your scheduled payment price will remain the same.

With the switch to a fortnightly payment schedule, the amount you previously paid monthly will now be divided equally across each two-week period. This ensures that your total payment remains the same, even though you are now making payments every two weeks.

As stated in your membership T&C’s, we formally require 30 days written notice prior to your next scheduled direct debit date. This can be done by completing a cancellation request form at your nearest inSports Health & Fitness Centre or via email Requests via telephone will not be accepted.

For Swim Memberships or Aqualogan Laurie Lawrence Swim Schools, please email